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We thank the Lord because it was such a successful event and the men were motivated to do more to reach the community with the Word of God. Thank you for your continual support and prayers for the work of God in spreading the gospel in our community. We have many stories to tell of the Lord touching people’s lives and giving them deeper hunger for His Word. This month we established a new home fellowship in Kasheshevillage.

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Alongside the Youth service, we are encouraging sports activities, and our soccer team trains every Tuesday and Saturday evenings. The church administration has designated special service weeks for different ministries in the church.

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Rajshahi University is located in a 753 acres (3 km2) campus in Motihar, 3 kilometres (2 mi) from the Rajshahi city center. With 25,000 students and close to 1000 academic staff, it is one of the largest universities in Bangladesh. This is the premier university in Bangladesh to have online subscription of world renowned journals. The first proposal to establish a university came in 1917, when Calcutta University created the Sadler Commission to assess the university system in Bengal. However, the recommendations of the report had no immediate consequences.

After a long time of isolation and challenging life due to the lockdown, some people became spiritually weak and backslid. We could not reach them to comfort and encourage them for a time, but thankful we can now go to their homes. We bring prayer and encourage them that life needs to continue glory casino.

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Joseph has been showing an increased interest in the Word of God. He is a Catholic but recently started allowing his wife, a born-again believer, to attend the church and fellowships.

  • Rose is in the ushering department, and her son Agaba Moses is part of the Kingdom Steppers.
  • Flora sells her labor by working in people’s gardens to earn income to sustain her family and keep her children in school.
  • We encouraged him tocome to church and pray with us as we believe the Lord will deliver him fromthese addictions.
  • Many of these women who lead came to our church depressed, rejected, and lost without Christ, now I see them as ministers of the Gospel.
  • Doreen has been attending a home fellowship at the trading center that is being headed by Gelvase.
  • He is grateful to the Lord for saving him from the addiction of alcohol.

As well as our betting exchange, Betfair Sportsbook runs a full suite of online sports betting and a wide range of gaming products (including live casino, poker and bingo). Betfair’s ground-breaking heritage remains and we have continued to up the ante with product innovations including ‘Cash Out’, ‘Price Rush’ and ‘Acca Edge’. Through the support of White Fields, the church is strategically distributing pigs to church members to help them generate income. We are helping communities out of poverty through hard work and perseverance. This project is designed to help families increase their income to support their children in school and provide other basic needs of life.

Mawlana Bhashani Science and Technology University

We as the church are praying and believing that her husband will come to the knowledge of the truth and give his life to Christ. Mukasa Philip is one of the deacons in the church who has proved to possess great leadership potential. His passion and love for the Word is an encouragement, and he has demonstrated a consistent commitment to the church. Mukasa has been helping and standing in the gap for youth ministry. Our evangelism outreach ministry visited one hundred and twenty-five homes last month. We shared with over one-hundred and fifty females and two-hundred males.

He states he had never led worship and thought it was not even possible for him to do, so to his surprise was great when he was able to do it. We thank God that through this time of fellowship together, the men are growing in the Word and attaining the courage to share the Word of God with others. Roger is married to Bonny; they are members of the churchand the Rwagaana home fellowship. Thisfamily used to be members in the Anglican church, but when Bonny was saved, theLord convicted her to join God’s Embassy.

How a food street transformed the face of Khilgaon-Taltola

One day we met her through home visits and shared the Word of God. We followed up with her and continued to invite her to the fellowships. Through the continual sharing of God’s Word and prayer, Margret gave her life to the Lord and was baptized. As a church, we are committed to raising leaders; we have meetings every Monday morning and Friday afternoons for mentorship and discipleship. The leaders of each ministry and pastors of the new church plants attend each Monday.

  • Eight people gave their lives to Christ at the overnightcrusade in Kebisoni.
  • Although Prohibition comes to an end, the demand for ladies of the night, gambling and bootleg liquor does not.
  • Flora is thankful to the Lord for her growth in knowledge of the Word of God and growing stronger in her faith.
  • They have also been learning songs and will sing these in church soon.
  • Silver says that when his father saw him, he said, “Your God has answered your prayers, praise the Lord!
  • God continues to show us His favor and grace through the radio program.

If we bring a gift to the homes, we have found that it opens the hearts of people because they feel loved and touched that the pastor is visiting their home and giving them a gift. This month we visited 12 homes and ministered to a 90 people (47 Females, 43 Males). As we go from home to home, we preach the Gospel and pray for the sick. Many are encouraged, giving their lives to Christ, and joining the church. Elizabeth is one of our church members and a teacher at Graceland Academy and Sunday school. Elizabeth has demonstrated an exceptional commitment and love for the Children’s ministry.


The women are grateful for these classes and thank the Lord for the work He is doing in their lives as they grow in the Word. Three women who were planning to divorce their husbands after attending the classes have canceled those plans. They testify that the teachings in those classes have impacted their lives and character and helped them to have a more Godly mindset. Our biggest challenge is persecution from the religious communities.

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God has changed the life of Namara, who is fifty years old. He joined our church after she left her family in the neighboring district of Bushenyi. She was married and had seven children but ran away from her husband due to his mistreatment and abuse.

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This month, our focus was on leadership and how we can best demonstrate spiritual leadership in our respective callings as servants of God. We praise the Lord for enabling us to organize the RukungiriGospel Elder’s Recognition Day. It was an event to appreciate the elders whohave been in the ministry of the gospel for thirty years or more in Rukungiri. We invited all the pastors in Rukungiri, one-hundred and twenty pastorsattended the ceremony. We spent the full day listening to their testimonies andthe hardships they encountered to preach the gospel, especially during IdiAmin’s regime in the nineteen seventies.

This act of kindness by the church is a testimony in the community that the church loves and cares for people. Some community members in that location started attending our church to check it out. Pray with us that the Holy Spirit will convict them of their sin and bring them to salvation. Our recent overnight prayer session was a remarkable success; we had sixty-two people commit their lives to the Lord. We visited twenty-four homes through door-to-door evangelism and had been finding most of the people we visit are welcoming to us and interested in hearing the Word of God. We are seeing more of the surrounding community getting saved.

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Godfrey became curious and started visiting occasionally. He gradually started feeling convicted of how he was living. Godfrey eventually gave his life to Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. Since then his life has been transformed, and today he is thankful to the Lord who delivered him from the works of darkness that were leading him to death. Alex is one of the people in our community that has experienced God’s grace and transformation in his life. Alex was a violent and unfriendly man, and when his wife Mellon gave her life to Christ, he became worse.

  • This month we were able to give seeds to church members and people living with disabilities.
  • Godfrey became curious and started visiting occasionally.
  • In this institution, every year around 1000 students get enrolled in undergraduate and postgraduate programs to study engineering, architecture, and planning.
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  • She is happy to be in a genuine church founded on following the truth in the Word of God.

We went to this community and shared thegospel, teaching the Word of God through home visitations. We proclaimed thetruth in the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. This fellowship is being led byRuth, and our prayer is for Ruth to stand firm and defend the Word of God inKasheshe. We reached out to the community of Nyakishenyi Sub County;it is a village deep in one of the remote places in Rukungiri. The people thereare below the poverty level, and many have only old and worn-out clothes.

Towards a secure future for all Bangladeshis

After several times of beingtreated by these witchdoctors, Sarongo realized that his life was not gettingbetter. Instead, things were getting worse, so he started to attend churchhimself and allows his wife to participate freely for services and prayers. Webelieve the Lord is drawing Sarongo to faith, and we are praying for hissalvation. Edson left home due to the overwhelming amount of debts he had accumulated from his alcoholism. While Edson was away in hiding, his wife joined the church and gave her life to the Lord. She requested our prayers and believed that God would bring her husband home and transform his life.

We encourage all of our church members to be a part of ahome fellowship. We believe that this enables them to identify with fellowChristians in the community and encourage each other in Christ. We use thesegroups as training for the members to exercise their leadership skills andshare the Word of God.

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We have new teachers who have joined our team and are seeking to ensure that we are trained to the same level. There are different meetings for men, women, and Youth that are not reflected in the weekly program because they occur once a month.

  • We have appointed different people with leadership qualities to head various offices in the church.
  • His family is happy, praising the Lord for the change in Edson’s life.
  • There were people of different religious backgrounds including Catholics, Anglicans, and Seventh Day Adventists come and spent the night worshiping the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • They come to share the Word, play music, dance and perform drama scenes every Sunday evening.

The vehicle successfully reached Mars in 2014, making India’s space agency just the fourth entity to place a spacecraft in Martian orbit. The US approved the world’s first space mining law in 2015 and Luxembourg got one in 2016.

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As an active choir member, Sarah loves to lead praise songs. Sarah is grateful to the Lord for enabling her to bring her husband to faith and for his salvation. They have four children, and the family attends church together. Her prayer request is for her family to continue serving God and growing in their faith.

  • We reached out to sixty-three men and seventy-eightfemales.
  • The fellowship in this place has existed for a year and six months.
  • My prayer is to see everyone in church having a Bible and able to read it.
  • We pray that God will soften her heart and for Jenifer to decide to have faith in Jesus Christ.
  • Tugume and Ahumuza are a young couple with one boy, Bernard,who is four years old.

Moses is a builder with God’s Embassy construction team and an usher in the church. He thanks the Lord from saving him from sin and the habit of alcoholism that was destroying his family. He is grateful to God for his job with the construction team that enables him to earn income to sustain his family and educates his children.

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Some of the church members moved her place to a new foundation and built a bigger and better house for her and her children. She now has a home that can accommodate all of her children.

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Proscovia left Abaga, claiming that he was no longer taking care of her and she suspected him of having an affair. Their constant fights and disagreements forced Proscovia to return to her parent’s home. Abaga nor Proscovia had given their life to Christ at that time.

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We shared the Word of God with them and allowed them to ask questions. The men enjoyed the experience and since there was not enough time for all the questions, it was decided that we should plan a three-day seminar to ask more questions. Pastor Onesimus preached the Word of God and answered the questions.

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It is designed to handle administrative tasks such as student enrollment, attendance tracking, grading, scheduling, and billing. Jilibay’s sportsbook is a place for players to place wagers on their favorite sporting events. The site offers a user-friendly interface that allows any member to navigate the site with ease and place bets within minutes of signing up. This amazing bookie has an extensive list of sporting events to choose from, namely football, soccer, tennis, basketball, hockey and other popular events.

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Silver ran home with his new clothes and shoes and showed them to his father. Silver says that when his father saw him, he said, “Your God has answered your prayers, praise the Lord! ” Silver’s father told him he can always come to church since this must be a real church that serves a living God. We thank God for what He is doing in our midst, growing His church even among the children. They aremarried and have a baby girl, Ayebare, who is three months old. Gilbert is acarpenter, and his wife sells her labor in the community to earn an income.

  • Annah thanks the Lord for God’s Embassy Ministries where she gets to serve the Lord and the people.
  • Musiimenta is in her twenties, attends the Kabura home fellowship, and is an assistant leader.
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These items provided a practical gift which these families could not afford to get for themselves. We were busy in December preparing for the Crossover Overnight celebration to usher in the New Year in the presence of God. We met in the Rukingiri Stadium and partnered with the surrounding churches in the entire district of Rukungiri. We are grateful for the churches who worked with us and the money raised among the ministries; each person contributed as they were able to cover the expenses involved.

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That night, he did not go to the bar because he said to himself, I will attend the worship night and at least listen to the word of God. During the time of sharing the word, the Lord touched Jim’s heart and he felt the Lord convicting him to get saved. We first met her during evangelism in the Kasoraza trading center. We shared the Word of God, and she explained that she was an Anglican but has been attending the fellowship in Kasaroza and listening to the Bible for the past month. We are praying and believing that she will totally surrender her life to Christ soon.

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Jovan lives in a semi-permanent home and survives through selling hard labor. We met him during our home visits when he had lost hope and was drunk.